A Short Book about Paul: The Servant of Jesus; by Paul Barnett
The Triumph of Grace: Literary and Theological Studies in Deuteronomic Themes; by Daniel Block
Into Your Hand: Confronting Good Friday; by Walter Brueggemann; foreword by Richard Rohr
Praying the Psalms, Second Edition: Engaging Scripture and the Life of the Spirit; by Walter Brueggemann
Ephesians; by Lynn H. Cohick
Revelation; by Gordon D. Fee
The Death and Messiah and the Birth of the New Covenant: A (Not So) Old Model of the Atonement; by Michael J. Gorman
Reading Revelation Responsibly: Uncivil Worship and Witness Following the Lamb into the New creation; by Michael J. Gorman
Vox Petri: A Theology of Peter; by Gene L. Green; foreword by Michael J. Gorman
Reading Philippians: A Theological Introduction; by Nijay K. Gupta
Paul's Message and Ministry in Covenant Perspective: Selected Essays; by Scott J. Hafemann
Leviticus: You Have No Idea; Maurice D. Harris
Between History and Spirit; The Apostolic Witness of the Book of Acts; by Craig S. Keener
Romans; by Craig S. Keener
New Testament Foundations: An Introduction for Students; by Ralph P. Martin, Carl N. Toney
The Biblical Cosmos: A Pilgrim's Guide to the Weird and Wonderful World of the Bible; by Robin A. Parry; illustrated by Hannah Parry
Reading Romans within Judaism: Collected Essays of Mark D. Nanos, Volume 2; by Mark D. Nanos
Reading Paul within Judaism: Collected Essays of Mark D. Nanos, Volume 1; by Mark D. Nanos
Biblical Eschatology, Second Edition; by Jonathan Menn; forewords by Robert Yarbough, Stanley Ntagali
A Companion to the Book of Revelation; by Davis L. Mathewson
Women and Worship at Corinth: Paul's Rhetorical Arguments in 1 Corinthians; by Lucy Peppiatt; foreword by Douglas Campbell
Pillars in the History of Biblical Interpretation, Volume 1; edited by Stanley E. Porter, Sean A. Adams
Empire in the New Testament; edited by Stanely E. Porter, Cynthia Long Westfall
A Larger Hope?: Universal Salvation from Christian Beginnings to Julian of Norwich; Ilaria L. E. Ramelli; foreword by Richard Bauckman
I Found God in Me: A Womanist Biblical Hermeneutics Reader; edited by Mitzi J. Smith
Demons and Spirits in Biblical Theology: Reading the Biblical Text in Its Cultural and Literary Context; by John H. Walton, J. Harvey Walton
The Great Athanasius: An Introduction to His Life and Work; by John R. Tyson
Beyond Old and New Perspectives on Paul: Reflections on the Work of Douglas Campbell; edited by Chris Tilling; foreword by Edward Adams
All the Fullness of God: The Christ of Colossians; by Bonnie Bowman Thurston
Toward Decentering the New Testament: A Reintroduction; by Mitzi J. Smith, Yung Suk Kim; foreword by Michael Willett Newheart




The Canaanites: Their History and Culture from Texts and Artifacts; by Mary Ellen Buck
Pauline Politics: An Examination of  Various Perspectives; by Daniel Oudshoorn; foreword by Neil Elliott
Acts of the Empire, Second Edition: The Acts of Apostles and Imperial Ideology; by Christina Petterson
2 Corinthians: A Short Exegetical and Pastoral Commentary; by Anthony C. Thiselton
God and Human Wholeness: Perfection in Biblical and Theological Tradition; by Kent L. Yinger
-10 Well Reviewed Books on Hell and Universal Salvation